City-Wide Plant Exchange

Every year more than 1,000 plants and seeds are exchanged between 9am-3pm. The biggest plant exchange in Texas!

The first City-Wide Plant Exchange happened at the first Festival of Flowers, 21 years ago!

Bring up to 20 plants (but no more than 5 of any one kind of plant) in 4- or 6-inch containers, or 1-, 3- or 5-gallon containers.  Plants need to be established (rooted) and healthy. No “baby” plants or plants that have not established a root.  Seeds and bulbs / corms are also swapped.

Be sure to read the complete Plant Exchange Guidelines


How it Works

You’ll check in with Friends of the Plant Exchange volunteers who’ll make sure your plants qualify.  For each plant accepted, you’ll receive a ticket(s) at an exchange rate based on the size of your plant.  Then, you can “shop” the plants.  Volunteers will be there to answer your plant questions.

You can trade plants more than once in the Exchange area.  Since new exchange plants are continually being brought in, the plants and selections change throughout the day.  Carts and wagons are permitted at the Festival of Flowers.   The Exchange can’t hold your plants for you while you are at the show, but there is a free plant and package checkroom where you can ‘park’ them until you leave the event.

To make the Exchange a fun success for everyone, our suggestion is:

Bring a Plant That Looks Like This

Not This

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