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Organic Roundtable

Organic Roundtable 2011


2016 Afternoon Organic Roundtable

Hosted by Bob Webster, KTSA Radio and co-owner Bob Webster
of Shades of Green Nursery



Featured Panelists


John DromgooleDromgoole


Is the owner of The Natural Gardener nursery in Austin. He is also the host of The Natural Gardener on Austin’s KLBJ Radio, America’s longest running organic gardening radio program.  He also developed and founded the Lady Bug Brand line of natural and organic gardening products.



Diane BainesDiane Baines

Diane is a self-proclaimed Food Evangelist who has dedicated much of her time over the past seven years to speaking out against Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), and their negative impact on our health and food freedom.  Originally working in the pharmaceutical industry, she took classes at the Institute of Responsible Technology to become an anti-GMO speaker.  She frequently speaks on the subject to different groups.



Noel GarciaNoel Garcia

Technical Director and Vice President of Operations for the Texas Plant and Soil Lab in Edinburg, Texas.  Noel is a Certified Advisor with the American Society of Agronomy, and an International Agriculture Consultant.




Stuart FrankeStuart Franke

President, Medina Agriculture Products, Hondo.  “Medina Ag” is the maker of Medina Soil Activator, Medina Plus, Hasta-Gro, Growin’ Green Fertilizer and other natural products used by gardeners and on farms and ranches world-wide.



Trevor BroylesTrevor Broyles

Trevor is the Brand Manager for Lady Bug Brand compost, soil and fertilizers, a division of New Earth.  He was the horticulturist for New Earth for two years prior to his current position with Lady Bug Brand. He received his horticulture degree from Texas A&M where he focused on molecular plant physiology.  He also teaches classes and speaks to groups on plant biology, soil science and general horticulture practices.



Bruce DeuleyBruce Deuley


Bruce is the host of Organic Matters on KTSA Radio.  A Texas Hill Country landowner, he is currently in the process of putting out 22 acres of milkweeds for Monarch butterflies.  He also is continuing to oversee a 700-acre ranch that is being converted into a wildlife refuge.  Bruce is also making overhead drone videos of area ranchlands for the ranch owners.