2017 Saturday Morning Seminar Series


9:45am – Growing Roses in South Texas—Easier Than You Think!

Presented by Judy Barrett, author of Yes You Can Grow Roses and five other common-sense books on gardening.

Given up on trying to grow roses?  Want to include a rose garden in your landscape but think they are too hard to keep up?  Then think again.  Judy Barrett will explain how it’s all about the varieties of roses you select, where you plant it and how just a little TLC goes a long way.

Judy is a popular Texas garden writer and speaker—easy going and entertaining. She has published a half-dozen books that also include Easy Edibles, What Can I Do with My Herbs?, What Makes Heirloom Plants So Special?, Recipes From and For the Garden, and Tomatillos: A Gardener’s Dream and a Cook’s Delight. She also published the monthly magazine HomeGrown Texas for several years.  Gardening in Taylor, TX—her career as an organic garden writer began with her selection to be editor of Malcolm Beck’s Lessons in Nature.

 Judy will be selling and signing copies of all her books at this year’s show.


10:45am – The Garden that Heals: Using Your Garden as a Resource During Life’s Most Common Challenges

Presented by Jenny Peterson, author of The Cancer Survivor’s Garden Companion: Cultivating Hope, Healing and Joy in the Ground Beneath Your Feet

Austin landscape designer Jenny Peterson is also a cancer survivor, diagnosed at the same time her first book, Indoor Plant Décor was being released. While her new book was inspired by her own recovery journey, she tells a story of how creating a backyard ‘haven for healing’ helps to overcome our daily stress and other physical challenges.  Her talk includes information on the medicinal value of plants, as well as tips on creating personal spots of serenity in the garden.

Her appearance includes a book-signing of both The Cancer Survivor’s Garden Guide and Indoor Plant Décor.



11:45am – Rain Gardens: Why You’ll Want One

Presented by Lee Marlowe, Sustainable Landscape Ecologist for the San Antonio River Authority

Rain Gardens are not only an attractive feature to add to the landscape, but they also capture and use your rain water run-off –and that adds to water-saving sustainability.  Lee will offer ideas on how to replace a problem with a well-designed rain garden of colorful, natural river rock and appropriate plants that emulate a South Texas creek bed.

Lee was SARA’s lead staff member in creating the native plant parkways along the San Antonio River’s Mission Reach. SARA has taken a leading role to educate homeowners on the benefits of incorporating a rain garden into the landscape—including using rain to water your soil, and not the street or driveway!



12:45am – Native Plants for Theme Gardens

Presented by Nancy Masterson, Special Events Chair for the Native Plant Society of Texas/Guadalupe County Chapter

Theme gardens have always been popular, and Nancy has ideas on how you can create these special places using our Texas native plants.  Her talk will illustrate Moon Gardens, Mailbox Gardens, Bird and Butterfly Gardens, Gardens of Soft-Pastels, and Deer-Resistant Border Gardens.

Nancy helped to organize the creation of a program to promote more use of native plants in the landscape.  A few years ago, the Guadalupe County and the New Braunfels Lindheimer Chapters of the Native Plant Society of Texas joined forces to create NICE – Natives Instead of Common Exotics.  Now several nurseries in the San Antonio area sell plants that are identified as NICE.  Each year a new group of NICE plants are promoted.