SAWS Conservation Station

San Antonio Water System co-hosts the Festival of Flowers, and you’ll want to spend time at the SAWS Conservation Station.  You can’t miss it.

Located in the Shrine Auditorium lobby, it’s where you’ll pick up a free xeriscape plant, compliments of SAWS, while supplies last, one per adult please.

You’ll also receive an orange SAWS GardenStyleSA bag—so handy for cruising through the Festival of Flowers.





The theme of this year’s SAWS Conservation Station is “Rain Gardens”.  Rain gardens are good for maintaining our water quality, and for conserving water in the landscape.

Bexar County Master Gardeners are constructing an actual rain garden within the lobby exhibit.

Representatives of the San Antonio River Authority are bringing their scale model that show the different kinds of rain gardens that can be incorporated into a home landscape (there’s even real water involved in this display!).

Lee Marlowe, Sustainable Landscape Ecologist for the San Antonio River Authority, is presenting a morning seminar on why you’ll want a rain garden in your yard.  Besides the environmental benefits of rain gardens, they also help solve rain water run-off erosion problems.  Well-designed rain gardens can also add to the beauty and unique design of your yard.

Also at the Conservation Station, you can pick up a card detailing the plants available through SAWS’ 2017 WaterSaver Plant Coupon, issued earlier this month and good through October 31.  In all, there are 40 different plants that are covered under this year’s coupon program.  In addition to the coupon, more information on the plants, trees and shrubs included can be found at


Special thanks to the SAWS Conservation Department, Bexar County Master Gardeners and San Antonio River Authority who make Conservation Station a great place to visit at Festival of Flowers.